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Charter is typically more expensive on a per-seat basis than flying with commercial airlines. However, charter makes a lot of sense if you analyze it against the hidden costs of traveling commercially, particularly if you choose to decrease the per-person cost by filling every seat in the aircraft. For instance, when you travel by air charter you:

  • Eliminate the wasted time and stresses of long lines and avoid the crowds, cramped seating and inconsistent service you’ve come to expect from commercial airlines;
  • Save time by traveling closer to your ultimate destination, often eliminating the need for overnight stays;
  • Trim hours and even days off your travel time by increasing the number of cities you’re able to visit in one day;
  • Enjoy productive time with your colleagues;
  • Feel secure in the confidentiality of your materials and discussions

With fractional ownership, you do not have unlimited use of the aircraft. Your air travel has to be coordinated with the schedules and demands of the other owners. Celebrity Jet Charter gives you the flexibility to fly when and where you want, and you pay only for the time you actually fly. You have no acquisition costs, no maintenance costs, no monthly management fees, no long-term contractual commitments, and no exit fees.

Flight Cards require you to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars up front. With Celebrity Jet Charter, customers pay only for each trip they take. In addition, air charter is generally less expensive on an hourly basis than flight cards.

We require full payment via wire transfer or use of escrowed funds on deposit with our Jetsetter Card. Once the reservation is confirmed payment along with executed Contract is required to secure your reservation and aircraft.

Client Service

Celebrity Jet Charter has a full-service Client Service center available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With one phone call, clients can choose the size and category of jet, plan itineraries, order customized catering, and secure ground transportation.

Celebrity Jet Charter clients are often able to book flights with just four to six hours notice, though that option is subject to aircraft and crew availability. There are a limited number of Peak Travel times during the year, such as major holidays, and we suggest “the sooner the better” as a guideline for these days. Particularly short notice may also subject the client to aircraft re-positioning charges.

Other than on peak days, you can cancel or make changes to your itinerary up to 24 hours prior to your flight. If you need to cancel or make changes within 24 hours of your flight, we will pass on any incurred costs. The cost can be up to but will not exceed 100% of the price of your flight. We encourage all of our clients to give us as much advance notice as possible to ensure that we have ample time to review all aspects of your flight.

Celebrity Jet Charter builds a personal profile for each client to ensure all flight experiences are tailored to the individual’s preferences and requests. Personalized service and strict attention to detail are cornerstones of our success at Celebrity Jet Charter.

Celebrity client services can arrange for two types of catering options on a Celebrity Jet Charter flight at an additional charge. There is a Standard Catering Package with a continental breakfast for morning flights and a light meal for afternoon and evening flights. Clients may choose from among a selection of beverages and fresh fruits. The Standard Package for afternoon and evening flights includes a sandwich, entrée salad or appetizer platter (per passenger). Celebrity also makes Premium Catering available on most flights at a nominal additional fee (depending upon both geographic availability and type of jet). Celebrity will provide interested clients with information pertaining to all of its catering packages prior to departure. Catering may vary based on location at the time of departure.

Yes, and Celebrity values the comfort and safety of your pet. We require that your pet is restrained for takeoff and landing, as well as during turbulent air conditions. Please call Client Services if you are planning to travel with your pet to ensure proper carriers or restraints are in place for your flight.

Yes, Celebrity Jet Charter Has identified 12 peak days where the advanced notification requirement moves from five to 96 hours. All flights on peak days* must be quoted and confirmed more than 96 hours in advance to guarantee aircraft availability. In addition, any changes and cancellations made within 48 hours of requested departure time may incur additional fees. Departure time flexibility may be needed due to air traffic congestion during peak scheduling times.

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Aircraft & Facilities

Business jet aircraft can fly into 5,400 airports in the U.S, plus an additional 5,000 worldwide compared to the approximately 580 served by commercial airlines.

Yes. When you book a flight with Celebrity Jet Charter you will be given the charter flight tail number that can be used to easily track the flight’s progress at any point during the trip.

Aircraft booked by the Celebrity Jet Charter program are jets managed by Celebrity-certified FAA Part 135 Charter operators and hand-selected by Celebrity after thorough inspections. Celebrity applies a rigorous approval process prior to certifying and working with each and every aircraft operator in our program.

Celebrity has access to over 10,000 certified aircraft.

Celebrity Jet Charter customers can select the size of jet and category of aircraft they need for each and every flight. This “mission-specific” approach allows Celebrity to offer its clients the best possible aircraft solution based on the purpose of their trips.

Yes. There are no limits to the number of aircraft you can book through Celebrity. A client can book one jet or ten jets in a single day. Celebrity will arrange as many jets as required to fulfill each and every client needs.

We recommend up to five passengers on a light jet, 8 on a super light jet, 10 passengers on a medium jet, 12 on a super medium jet, and up to 15 passengers on a heavy jet. Should a client’s needs vary from these recommendations, our reservation department will be happy to discuss an appropriate aircraft.

Luggage capacity varies by jet type. We request that our clients inform us if they are bringing large luggage items or many pieces of luggage. If needed, we will ensure that your jet has greater luggage capacity than the category averages (light = 50cf; medium = 60cf; heavy = 120cf). As a point of reference, 40cf is the size of a standard trunk space for a sedan. A reservation agent is always available to discuss your luggage requirements and recommend the best solution for your travel needs. As an additional service that many business travelers find convenient, we can arrange for pick-up, shipment and delivery of your luggage using separate means of transportation. This is truly hassle-free travel; your luggage can be waiting for you at the hotel when you arrive.

Only if you say so. When you book a private jet charter, a private jet is exactly what you get. You decide who will be on the aircraft with you.

Yes, we can arrange charters for long-range aircraft for any international itinerary. Use our service to travel to Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America, the Caribbean, Africa or wherever your business or personal needs take you.


Yes. Our extensive screening process includes periodic visits to the airline’s operations base and a thorough evaluation of their FAA certifications, insurance records, training programs and pilot qualifications. Additionally, our staff conducts flight checks on their aircraft to evaluate their operations and in-flight services. Celebrity Jet Charter utilizes only ARG/US platinum or gold rated operators.

All charter airline operations are subject to stringent FAA regulations and certification procedures. Celebrity Jet Charter takes these rigorous standards further, with higher standards of pilot flight time and minimum flight crew.

Prior to every flight, Celebrity Jet Charter reviews each aircraft, crew and operator for safety requirements (e.g. operator rating, aircraft maintenance record, pilot record, crew experience with the same jet type, etc.). TripCheq reports are created by ARG/US, the leading private aviation safety authority, and use real-time data. If any of the safety parameters reviewed are not to Celebrity Jet Charter standards, we will find an alternative source for a Celebrity Jet certified aircraft.

Based on the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA), all Celebrity Jet Charter Certified Operators are required to ask for photo identification from each passenger prior to each flight. This is only for confirmation purposes and to help ensure a secure flight; your information will not be shared with anybody and will only be used for confirmation purposes. Recommended identification forms include a valid passport or a valid driver’s license.


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