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Celebrity Jet Charter and Celebrity Jet Management have a well-earned understanding of the private aviation industry and a network of resources and contacts therein. Those assets can be used to your advantage.

If you are in the market to acquire or sell an aircraft, or generate some revenue by placing your aircraft out for charter, we can provide a solution that is both easy and profitable for you. Our expertise and unique position within the industry allow us to handle every detail in such a transaction, which means you can relax in the knowledge that you are receiving the best possible return on your investment. Celebrity Jet Management is at your disposal to guide you through every step of the process, no matter how detailed your needs may be.

Acquiring an Aircraft

If you plan to purchase a private aircraft for personal or business use, bear in mind that such a transaction can be one of the most sophisticated capital investments you will ever make. You can’t afford a mistake, and that’s where our expertise comes in.

Celebrity Jet Management can help you assess your travel needs and your personal preferences so that you select the perfect aircraft. We can perform inspections, assist in negotiations and help develop and complete a contract. We are well-versed in some of the more complicated aspects of aircraft purchase, such as escrow transactions and tax ramifications. Perhaps most importantly, we have established relationships with sellers, lending partners, aviation attorneys and aircraft brokers and we know how to represent your interests with all of them. Celebrity Jet Management will use these resources to help you implement a plan to obtain the best aircraft for your needs.

Selling an Aircraft

As you might expect, Celebrity Jet Management also has a very real audience of prospective aircraft buyers, which is truly an invaluable resource for an individual looking to sell. Many of our clients are potential aircraft owners; in addition, we have access to numerous brokers representing a wide range of qualified buyers.

Strategy is important when selling such a valuable asset in a competitive market. Celebrity Jet Management proudly employs Sales Professionals who are highly qualified to help you establish a selling price and map out an effective marketing strategy. We have strong and positive name recognition within the aviation community, and it grows stronger with every successful deal we help close. Partner with Celebrity Jet Management and you will have access to the very best in marketing and sales expertise.

Aircraft Management Services

You’ve decided to purchase an aircraft, and the reason is simple: It is the ultimate in convenience and freedom. Owning your own aircraft allows you the most effective use of your time and opens up the skies to your disposal. However, aircraft ownership also brings with it maintenance and management responsibilities, as well as costs for fuel, insurance and other associated items.

The solution? Celebrity Jet Management’s turnkey aircraft management options. For many prospective buyers, this service is what completes the cycle and makes aircraft ownership possible. Not only do we help you keep up with maintenance and comply with regulations, but we also can provide offsetting revenue to minimize the overall costs involved. Due to our position in the aviation industry, we can pass on fuel and insurance discounts to you.

Obviously, owning your own aircraft is of little advantage if it is not available to you whenever you need it. Here, too, is where our industry expertise is invaluable. We can help you maximize your charter revenue among 135 licensed operators without limiting or interrupting your access to your own aircraft. Our consultants are experts in charter aircraft management and will easily develop a solution that addresses all of your needs.


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