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Detroit Private Jet Charter

Are you planning a business trip to Detroit? No matter the goal or destination, the fastest and safest way to travel is always with private jets. There are many amazing places to visit in Detroit where you can create unforgettable memories and by choosing to fly with Celebrity Jet Charter, you are making sure that you will receive a luxurious experience. Here at Celebrity Jet Charter, we are a team of professionals who strive to deliver the ultimate Detroit private jet charter experience. Starting with our modern fleet and ending with all the luxury amenities that you could ever ask for, we are confident that if you choose to fly with our Detroit airport private jet charter service, you will never go back to commercial flights again.

By choosing to fly with us, you are doing much more than booking a luxurious jet. You are making a statement that lets everyone know that you put a high price on your time. We will make sure that you arrive safely at the destination and that not a single second of your precious time will be wasted. We are aware that booking an airport private jet service is not something that happens every day for most people. Therefore, we are dedicated to always provide the best experience possible. Our friendly customer support team will help create a tailor-made transportation plan just for you. The only thing you need to do is get in touch with us and tells us what you need. We will take care of everything from there.

Private Jet Airports in Detroit

  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (KDTW)

Do you hate having to deal with traffic and large crowds of people? If that is the case, you will love departing or arriving at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (KDTW). The reason behind this is that the airport is located 15 miles south of downtown Detroit and therefore, the traffic is much better.

  • Coleman A. Young International Airport (KDET)

One of the most significant advantages of choosing to fly private is that you are the one who calls all the shots. You can pick the Coleman A. Young International Airport (KDET) if you want to arrive close to the city’s business center.

  • Willow Run Airport (KYIP)

The Willow Run Airport (KYIP) is always in high demand by our clients who have business around Detroit. The airport is located near Ypsilanti, Michigan, which is 35 miles southwest of downtown Detroit. Therefore, you are always a 30-minute drive away from the city.

Popular Private Jet Charter Routes for Detroit

  • Private Jets from Detroit to Boston – Do you want to visit Boston? Book one of our Detroit private jets, and you will get there in no time!
  • Private Jets from Detroit to Miami – Book a private jet from Detroit to Miami with Celebrity Jet Charter, and you can say goodbye to all your transportation worries.
  • Private Jets from Detroit to Las Vegas – What better way to relax after a long week at work than with a fun weekend in Las Vegas? Get in touch with us today, and we will help you set up the best travel plan.

Detroit Jet Charter Prices

Here at Celebrity Jet Charter, you will find an extensive range of premier services that are all priced competitively. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the luxurious experience that booking a private jet offers and this is why we are offering great Detroit airport jet prices. Check out the list below to see some of our most popular jets:

  • If you are traveling at a party of up to eight people, we highly recommend booking the Citation SII/SII jets. These are light-sized jets that fly at an impressive speed of 420-535 miles per hour and are ideal for family trips. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • Are you looking for something more luxurious? Book our Citation X, and you will not only look like a VIP, but you will also feel like one. The Citation X is a medium-sized jet, and it flies at an average speed of 500-600 miles per hour. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • The Hawker Beechjet 400A/400XP jets are some of the most popular aircraft models in our fleet. Clients love booking the Hawker Beechjet 400A/400XP jets because of their spacious interior and elegant design. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • Since Hawker makes some of the world’s best jets, it should come as no surprise to find out that our fleet also provides access to the Hawker 800/800XP/850XP jets. The jets can accommodate groups of up to nine people, and they are packed with luxury amenities. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • Variety is the spice of life, and our premium fleet provides access to an extensive range of luxurious jets. The Learjet 60/60XR jets are the most famous jets in our fleet. This is thanks to their impressive design and outstanding mileage. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • Do you need a private jet that can accommodate the entire family? Our Gulfstream G-400SP and G500 jets can fit 12 to 16 passengers. This makes them perfect for important events such as corporate parties or family trips. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.

Additional Pricing Details

  • The hourly rates for our jets do not include additional charges such as catering, landing fees, and positioning.
  • The overall Taxi Time is billed at 12 minutes per leg, and it is added to the actual flight time.
  • Our Turbo Props, Light, Super Light, and Medium Jets can be booked for a minimum of two hours.
  • Our Super Medium and Heavy Jets can be booked for a minimum of two hours.
  • All hourly rates are estimated, and they are subject to change without notice.

Available Jets for Detroit

As presented in the list featured above, we provide our clients with full access to a luxurious fleet. If you want to check out all the jets that we put at your disposal, please head over to the “Aircraft” section of our website.

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