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Travelers do not sacrifice safety when they choose private air charter over commercial airlines; in fact, business aircraft have compiled an outstanding safety record in recent years, comparable to or better than that of the airlines. Moreover, the level of control afforded to those choosing private aviation often increases the traveler’s sense of safety. And private jets obviously offer much greater security in terms of the protection of sensitive business information.

Celebrity Private Jet Charter enhances the inherent safety of private aviation with its own high level of security standards as it regards to both the equipment and its operators.

Jet Certification

All aircraft selected by Celebrity is owned or managed by FAA-certified operators. For a jet to be included in Celebrity Jet Charter’s available fleet:

  • The aircraft must be under full operational control of a Celebrity-certified operator
  • The aircraft must meet the profile and model type of those in the Celebrity program
  • The Owner must carry appropriate level of insurance and up-to-date documentation
  • The aircraft must have ARG/US-certified Pilot-in-Command and Second-in-Command

Operator Certification

Prospective providers for Celebrity undergo comprehensive examinations of both their operations and management. In order to be a certified Celebrity aircraft provider, every operator must:

  • Meet the required safety standards of Aviation Research Group U.S. (ARG/US), and always maintain at least a Gold rating*
  • Have current and up-to-date official regulatory documentation
  • Have proper insurance commitments and documentation
  • Execute and adhere to a “Celebrity Aircraft Provider Agreement”
  • Provide detailed pilot and crew information on an ongoing basis
  • Uphold continual maintenance and compliance with all Sentient criteria

An ARG/US Gold level is assigned to operators who meet or exceed the established ARG/US standards for equipment and crew experience and consistently provide up-to-date data. The emphasis is on modern avionics, progressive maintenance, and proven safety commitments.

ARG/US Evaluation

To ensure the safety of each and every flight, Celebrity Jet Charter subscribes to the services of the Aviation Research Group/U.S. ARG/US is a leading independent provider of data, research and analysis services to the business aviation marketplace. ARG/US services include a system of safety rankings that provides prospective clients with a clear evaluation of every aircraft and its crew.

The ARG/US carrier rating system categorizes air charter carriers and their private jets into one of four levels: DNQ, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To qualify for a Gold rating, the minimum standard accepted by Celebrity Air Charter, carriers must provide detailed pilot and aircraft records to ARG/US for review. The Platinum rating involves an onsite audit by inspectors trained to Department of Defense Standards. For more details, see:

Pre-Flight ARG/US TripCHEQ

For every private jet flight, ARG/US provides a unique service called the TripCHEQ Report (Charter Evaluation and Qualification). The most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the industry, TripCHEQ examines each reserved plane, pilot, and carrier before every flight. It tracks pilot certificates, type ratings, accidents, incidents, violations, operator certificates, operational control of the aircraft and aircraft insurance levels. All of these factors are checked specifically within each client’s trip parameters.

By adhering to the TripCHEQ program, Celebrity Jet Charter ensures that each of its flights undergoes multiple, real-time safety evaluations using the TripCHEQ program. Celebrity will never assign an aircraft or crew that does not meet 100% of the safety requirements it has developed in tandem with ARG/US and TripCHEQ.

Included in each pre-flight analysis is an automatic evaluation of the following:

  • FAA and NTSB records
  • Pilot qualification records including flight time and experience records
  • Certifications, training documents and insurance information

Should an aircraft not meet our safety requirements, we will immediately assign another jet to complete the trip.

Private jet charter is one of the safest methods of travel available. Air charter carriers operate their private jets with regular oversight from the FAA on operations, maintenance and training. Most carriers exceed the training requirements dictated by the FAA.

Celebrity Jet Charter provides its clients with extra protection by demanding an additional level of safety inspection through ARG/US, Wyvern and/or the Flight Safety Foundation .


Many of our carriers are inspected by Wyvern. Widely regarded as a badge of quality in the air charter industry, a Wyvern-approved carrier has undergone a thorough onsite records check and operations review. Wyvern publishes a for-fee report on their audited carriers.

The Flight Safety Foundation

This non-profit organization is dedicated to the improvement of all areas of flight safety. Carriers audited by FSF earn QStar approval. Aviation veterans (each with more than 20 years of industry experience) examine an aircraft charter company’s operations in detail before granting this endorsement.


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