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Houston Private Jet Charter

Houston is the heart of Texas and one of the most thriving cities in the US in terms of economics. Whether you are flying to Houston for business or pleasure, you should be pleased to know that our premier Houston Private Jet Charter service is available 24/7. Give us the chance to fly you to or from Houston in one of our modern jets, and we promise that you will enjoy a luxurious experience that rivals any first-class ticket. When flying private, you are in control of everything. We will work around your schedule and make sure that not a single second of your time is wasted.

Here at Celebrity Jet Charter, we strive to deliver the best traveling experience possible. As a result, we only utalize modern, luxurious aircraft equipped with all of the amenities. Our Houston private jets often fly to the famous "Space City," and therefore, you can rest assured knowing that we are familiar with the ins-and-outs of all the airports around the city. You will arrive safely at your destination and on time. Reward yourself for working hard all year long and book our top-rated Houston Private Jet Charter.

Private Jet Airports in Houston

  • William P. Hobby Airport (KHOU)

If you are planning to visit Houston for a business meeting or special event, then landing at the William P. Hobby Airport (KHOU) is almost always the best choice. The airport is located 7 miles away from downtown Houston, and therefore, you will be able to make it to any meeting in less than 20 minutes. Promptitude and professionalism come as a package when you book our Houston airport private jet.

  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport (KIAH)

While some people may want to head straight into the city's downtown, others are looking to avoid the traffic and noise. Here is where the George Bush Intercontinental (KIAH) airport comes in. The airport is located 20 miles north of downtown Houston, and it holds the title for being one of the country's fastest-growing airports. The United States Department of Transportation awarded the title.

  • David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (KDHW)

Another popular Houston private jet airport is the David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (KDHW). The Texas airport is located 20 miles north of Houston in Tomball. Lost of private charters use this airport to land and take off because it is much easier and convenient than a bigger airport such as KHOU or KIAH.

Popular Private Jet Charter Routes for Houston

  • Private Jets from Miami to Houston – Are you tired of dealing with Miami's crazy traffic? Book our Houston Private Jet Charter today, and we will provide you with the safest and most comfortable means of transportation possible.
  • Private Jets from New York to Houston – Many executives need to fly from New York to Houston to meet with their clients, and what better way to do this other than by flying in a luxurious private jet?
  • Private Jets from Las Vegas to Houston – Whether you are flying to Los Angeles from Houston or the other way around, our Houston Private Jet Charter is always available at your disposal. Contact us today to get a quick quote.

Houston Jet Charter Prices

We at Celebrity Jet Charter know that most people don't book private jets on a weekly basis, and this is why we dedicate ourselves to making sure everyone who flies with us is treated like a VIP and not just the frequent fliers. We provide competitive airport jet prices and a modern fleet that is safe and luxurious. 

  • Flying all over the country is never going to be more enjoyable than when flying in one of our Citation II or Citation SII jets. They are categorized as light jets that can accommodate up to eight people. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • The Citation II or Citation SII jets fly at a speed of 420-535 miles per hour, and thanks to this, you are guaranteed to arrive at the destination in one of the quickest ways possible. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • Citation X holds the title for being the world's most popular jet, especially among people seeking luxury and safety. The Citation X fist in the light jet category, and therefore, it's perfect for groups of up to 8 people. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • We highly recommend the Hawker Beechjet 400A and 400XP jets for long-distance flights. This is because the jets have an outstanding mileage that ensures you will not have to land for fuel very often. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • If you are looking for something bigger, then you are going to love our Hawker 800/800XP/850XP. These are medium-sized jets that fit up to nine passengers. That's not all. The interior is so spacious that legroom is never going to be a problem. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • When our clients ask for a luxurious and modern jet that will make them feel like a VIP, we always recommend the Learjet 60 and 60XR jets. They both sport an impressive interior design that looks similar to a penthouse. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.
  • Here at Celebrity Jet Charter, we also provide our services to corporate or private events where multiple passengers need to be transported simultaneously. Our Gulfstream G-400SP and G500 jets are ideal for events because they can accommodate up to 16 passengers. Call us or contact us for a competitive quote.

Additional Pricing Details

  • The hourly rates for our jets do not include additional charges such as catering, landing fees, and positioning.
  • The overall Taxi Time is billed at 12 minutes per leg, and it is added to the actual flight time.
  • Our Turbo Props, Light, Super Light, and Medium Jets can be booked for a minimum of two hours.
  • Our Super Medium and Heavy Jets can be booked for a minimum of two hours.
  • All hourly rates are estimated, and they are subject to change without notice.
  • 5% excise tax not included (Suspended until 12/31/20)

Available Jets from Houston 

By booking our Houston Private Jet Service, you are getting access to a versatile fleet of modern jets. If you require additional information, please contact us at (561) 416-1800 via phone or at via email. 

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