Jetsetter Advantages

Priority upgrades, special pricing. JetSetter Card members are given preferred treatment for upgraded jets, one-way pricing, and empty leg availability. Choose the more advanced levels of our JetSetter program and your travel options and service preferences will only increase. While we will always work to please all of our clients, preference will be given to JetSetters based on membership level when limited travel availability exists. Platinum and Black JetSetter Card members are also entitled to complimentary ground transportation, an outstanding option for the busiest travelers. All of our JetSetter levels participate in a rewards program, with the points earned during travel accumulating at higher percentages for each step up in JetSetter level.

Convenience. Many of our clients consider this advantage the most compelling reason to become a JetSetter. The system is designed to make every aspect of your trip run smoothly and without delay. Streamlined paperwork and established funds in deposit greatly reduce travel preparation time, and a dedicated Trip Concierge will schedule your flying needs with ease. With most requests, we are able to deliver a jet within a few hours to those utilizing the JetSetter program.

Flexibility. You get what you want, when you want it. Because you are not tied to a specific jet, as with fractional programs or jet ownership, you have multiple and immediate options at your disposal. Celebrity Jet Charter can help you select the right aircraft for each trip based on your specific needs. And the right jet is always available; you don’t have to contend with co-owners and you’re not limited by fleet size. Due to the volume of our business, we have access to just the plane you need. See below for the classes of jets that are available.

Corporate and Personal Security Services. This is a unique option available to our Platinum and Black JetSetter members, and is possible due to our network of security services in the United States and abroad. Our security affiliates include former Secret Service agents and have substantial experience in presidential protection, international bodyguard services and executive protection. These professionals are experts at discreetly safeguarding family and celebrities from intrusive and potentially harmful attention. We customize this security service at our client’s discretion.

Are My Deposits Refundable?

Yes, no questions asked. Celebrity Jet Charter has been in existence for over 16 years. If you would like to opt out of your JetSetter Membership, you are free to do so at any time. Membership cancellation within the first 90 days voids interest credits to the account but there are no penalties or account closing fees.


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