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Trips to Take With a Big Group of Friends

The only thing more exciting than a vacation is a vacation with friends. However, it’s difficult to decide on a location when there are several people with different interests involved. It’s difficult to nail down a location that everyone in the group is totally on board with. That said, our Corporate Jet Rental service has made a small compilation of some outstanding locations to keep even the most diverse group satisfied and engaged. Here are some locations you and your friends can consider the next time you plan a group vacation.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley in California is an ideal travel destination for anyone who enjoys beautiful landscapes, good food, or world-renowned wine; and that’s just about everyone, right? Napa Valley maintains a mild temperature all year round, which makes it a perfect travel destination any time of the year. Take advantage of the Cabernet Season, which runs from mid Fall to early Spring; the pace in Napa Valley at this time of the year is slower, so you and your friends can really get to relax and enjoy the place.

You can also plan your visit to coincide with the Truffle Festival in January; you will get to enjoy all the delicious food St. Helena has to offer at this time of the year, enjoy concerts at Pioneer Park, and ride the Wine Train. After one too many glasses of wine, you and your friends can hit one of the spas in the guest lodges; this is a perfect way to cure yourselves of the after-effects of too much wine.

Destination Kohler

Head over to a small village in Kohler, Wisconsin, just one hour from Milwaukee and three hours from Chicago. Here you will find several clubs and guests lodges with excellent accommodations, cultured dining options, a myriad of activities, and a world-class spa. Visit Kohler during winter and go pheasant hunting or master Bavarian curling. Alternatively, visit during the summer time and take part in activities such golf, trap shooting, fishing, horseback riding, and much more.


Consider getting one of our private jets for rent, grab a couple of adventurous friends, and head over to Iceland for the trip of a lifetime. Explore Iceland’s natural wonders, wander the streets of Reykjavik, learn the country’s history at the National Museum, dine at the glass-domed Perlan restaurant, and enjoy a cup of coffee at Reykjavik Roasters to fight off any Jet Lag. Other sites and activities you will enjoy in this beautiful country include visits to the Golden Circle, Thingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall, the Blue Lagoon, and the Geysir from which all other geysers got their name.


Cartagena is a port city in Colombia. If you have watched the series documentary, Narcos, inspired by the life of Pablo Escobar, you may already have a negative impression of Colombia, but we assure you the country has evolved to become a peaceful place that’s full of vibrant dining scenes, unique cultural offerings, and of course, great coffee. Visit the very first port in the Americas, which offers visitors a beachy feel and an urban vibe all at the same time. What better way to unwind with friends that on the Caribbean shores; it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Trips to Take With a Big Group of Friends



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