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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2018

There are literally hundreds of Halloween costume ideas out there. Some are inspired by pop culture, others by timeless TV shows, and others by legendary movies that took the world by storm. Halloween is a time when you can be anything you want to be, and there’s something extremely cool about choosing to be someone or something timeless. With this thing in mind, we have come up with a couple of exciting costume ideas for both men and women that are sure to spice up your Halloween.

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Wherever you need to go to trick-or-treat this Halloween, consider renting a private jet and let the fun begin. Make the most out of your time and let’s have a look at some of the most fabulous costumes of the year.

Salt Bae

Real name, Nusret Gökçe, popularly known as ‘Salt Bae’; Salt Bae is a Turkish chef who took the world by storm when a video of himself flamboyantly slicing and seasoning a piece of stake surfaced in 2016. He quickly became the world’s favorite meat guy and this Halloween you have the opportunity to become a stylish chef yourself. All you need to do is find yourself a tight white T-shirt, one pair of dark circular sunglasses, one pair of black jeans, a cutting board, some grilled meat, and of course, salt. Voila!

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners have arguably been 2017’s most popular fad. This Halloween, instead of just partaking in this trend, you can actually live it; you can become it. All you need is an affordable fidget spinner costume, a three-blade ceiling fan, and decorations of your choice for the costume. For example: glitter, paint, or LED lights.

The Eclipse

This was one of 2017’s most popular astronomical events; actually, 2017’s only viral astronomical event. Get creative and dress up like the sun; couple this with funny ‘don’t look at me for too long’ signs and go out and have a blast. This costume is sure to get you many high-fives for its cleverness/wittiness. You’ll need a single sun costume, a cardboard moon, eclipse glasses that you’ll distribute, and have your friends stare at you in the eclipse glasses to really bring out the idea behind the costume.

Boss Baby

If you haven’t seen this film yet, trust us, you should; it’s absolutely hilarious. This movie has undoubtedly been one of the most successful animation films of the year. The movie revolves around an infant who invades a family home, claiming all the attention of the first born son from their parents.

Despite their initial rivalry, the firstborn son and the Boss Baby eventually end up becoming really close and eventually accepting one another as brothers. All you’ll need to do to be the Boss Baby is get a cheap black suit, a pair of adult diapers, and one pair of black office shoes and let the fun begin.

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