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Private Jet Charter vs Commercial Airlines:

5 Differences That Make Flying Private Worth It

More and more families and business executives have decided that Flying Private Jet Charter is the way to go due to the COVID-19 outbreak. A smaller number of in-person interactions and fewer touch-points are just a few reasons why.

There’s nothing like a quiet, peaceful plane ride to start your trip. The luxurious interior of a Private Jet is the perfect setting for you and your travel companions to either relax and unwind or to focus on an important meeting.

#1 Time is Money

A commercial plane ticket might be “Less Expensive’ than a Private Charter Flight but the cost of YOUR time is a lot more valuable than just the price of the flight. The value of privacy, luxury and convenience far outweigh a less expensive ticket. 

For business travelers, once you factor in the costs for a car service to get to/from the airport, the flights + fees for checking luggage and using Wi-Fi, then add a rental car, hotels rooms and per diem expenses. Not to mention the hours of lost productivity while commuting, the true costs of commercial business travel can add up quickly.

With a Private Jet, you can easily get to and from your meeting within a workday, so you don’t have to worry about the additional expenditures.

A Private Jet Charter can sometimes get you to your destination before a commercial flight even takes off. The entire flight process is streamlined so your planning efforts are minimal. From booking to boarding your charter experience will be a pleasure.

#2 Seamless Booking on YOUR schedule

When booking a commercial flight, you need to go online and search for flights, often scouring multiple booking platforms. Since commercial flights are scheduled in advance to leave at predetermined times and days, you’ll end up piecing together a less than ideal itinerary.

If you would like to fly overnight and wake up at your destination refreshed and ready to start the day…no problem.

Booking a Private Jet Charter is as simple calling (561) 416-1800.

#3 No Lines, Minimal In-person Interactions, and No Stress

Preparing to take a commercial flight can be stressful and complicated. It can take several hours out of your day. Unsanitary kiosks and/or long lines to check your bag, security checks and TSA procedures, you’ll likely make your way to your gate feeling frazzled and anxious.

With a private flight, the process is simple: pull your car directly up to the FBO Terminal or aircraft, show your ID, and bring aboard your laptop and/or personal items. Your luggage will be carefully stowed below with no chance of it getting damaged, lost or having to wait for it at your destination.

You can even arrive within a few minutes prior to departing. If you have an unexpected delay…no problem — the jet is on YOUR schedule!

#4 Luxury and Comfort

Compared to a Private Jet, a first-class cabin doesn’t even scratch the surface of luxury and comfort. Generous seats and a roomy cabin ensure leg room is never in short supply. You’ll also have the freedom to roam the cabin or change seats, and you’ll never wait in line for a bathroom.

Even when you fly first-class on a commercial jet, the service and your comfort is inadequate — You’ll probably be seated in close proximity to strangers, food choices very limited IF food is even offered at all. Your flight attendants have many other duties and passengers to take care of.

With a private flight, you’ll have impeccable service and can choose ahead of time from a large array of gourmet and premium meals, snacks and beverages.

#5 You Get to Choose the Airport

Did you know that Private Jets in the US have more than 5,000 airports to choose from versus 500 for a commercial airline? This gives you so many options and will probably get you a lot closer to your final destination.

Prior to taking off at a Fixed Based Operator (FBO) or private terminal you will have a comfortable lounge area where you and your party can hang out and relax until it’s time for your private jet charter to depart.

Arranging your Private charter flight with Celebrity Jet Charter is easy. Our concierge agents will provide you with an exceptional and highly personalized experience and the perfect Private Jet at the perfect price.(561) 416-1800. Or Visit

Private Jet Charter vs Commercial Airlines:<br /><br />5 Differences That Make Flying Private Worth It



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