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Best Tips for Long Flights

Allow Enough Time to Leave

Stress from a long-distance flight can start even before the traveler leaves. Many travelers have a long list of things they need to do before they head to the airport. This often means making arrangements for childcare, taking care of pets and making sure that the traveler has everything they need to be packed before they leave. One of the best ways to help ward off stress is by allowing enough time. Allow enough time pack as well as enough time to get the flight. Allow even more time for security checks during an international flight.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

A long-haul trip may require eight or more hours sitting in the air as well as additional hours waiting for the flight to leave and getting out of the airport to the intended destination. It’s a good idea to wear comfortable clothing that won’t chafe during this time. Look for shoes you can fit on-off easily. If you’re headed to a cooler climate, you may need to bring a few extra items. Bring a hat and light jacket on the flight in case you feel cold. Any traveler can always stow something more formal to change into once they land.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Traveling to a foreign land may mean leaving behind the traveler’s favorite foods. Many local areas have specific regional food items like boiled peanuts that are cherished by area residents. Consider packing a few favorite snacks in advance before you get on the flight. Something tasty and familiar can help make airline food taste better and remind you of home after you leave. However, check with your intended destination first. Some snacks may not be allowed in all places. You may need to eat the snacks on board and then throw out the remainder before you leave.

Consider Renting a Private Jet

Another option to help reduce stress even further is to take your own private jet. A jet charter allows you to avoid the hassle of getting to a large airport and spending time passing through security. The private jet allows you much more room to stretch out as well as additional food choices. The jet can also leave when you need it to leave so you don’t get stuck waiting behind others at the airport. A private jet is ideal for the traveler who is traveling with other people. Renting the jet can less costly when renting with a group of people at the same time.

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Best Tips for Long Flights



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