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Best Sunny Places to Escape to during Winter

It feels like New Years was just last month but suddenly another year has passed by and it is winter again. A lot of people love the holidays but absolutely detest the cold weather, which is fine, each to their own, right? If you fall under this category, why don’t you trade the wool mittens and heavy wool jackets and enjoy a warm Christmas instead? Our Jet Charter Service has compiled a list of great places you can spend your Christmas holiday away from the cold. Consider Renting one of our Private Jets and heading to any one of these awesome locations.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Head over to San Juan in Puerto Rico for a warm get away. This is one of our favorite winter-time travel destinations; this capital city has numerous world-class restaurants and bars, a thriving art and cultural scene, and the sublime streetscapes of the historic parts of the city.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is the Capital of St. James Parish in Jamaica and the weather in December is perfect for those of us who love warm sunny weather. The first third of the month is still cheap in terms resort prices and flights, so head over there now! However, on the Christmas week, the prices go up, but you can still get a sweet deal if you book early; don’t expect any last minute negotiations. Montego Bay’s airport offers cheap flights from most cities including many in North America and Europe so don’t worry about access or connecting flights.

Malta Islands

Malta is a group of Islands located on the Mediterranean between Sicily and the Northern part of Africa. Malta has a warm climate similar to that of Cyprus and is considered one of the best winter-time destinations in the world due to its warm, sunny weather. With everyone busy back home with their families and friends, Malta is essentially isolated during the Christmas season, which makes it the perfect time to visit the island. Experience some of Europe’s finest neo-classical architecture by getting a room in one of Valletta’s penthouses, visit numerous galleries and museums, head over to Popeye’s village, take a boat ride on Comino Island’s turquoise waters, or sample the cities budding coffee culture.

Cartagena, Colombia

The rainy season in Cartagena ends in December and the sun comes out to play; the weather doesn’t get any better in Cartagena than during the Christmas season. As with most holiday destinations, flight and resort prices hike during Christmas week, so if possible head over there a little bit earlier or at least make your bookings early for a chance of landing a better deal.

Orlando, Florida

During Christmas, Orlando, just like Malta is isolated; enjoy the warm weather without having to deal with huge crowds this Christmas season. Orlando is known for its numerous theme parks and around this time of year, the parks have special attractions, for example, ‘Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas’. However, beware that these special attractions may require special tickets, so be sure to purchase them separately if you’re visiting Orlando.

Best Sunny Places to Escape to during Winter



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