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5 U.S. Towns with Incredible Christmas Celebrations

Not everyone can make a trip to the North Pole for Christmas; however, this does not mean that they should be out of options at all. There are many towns and cities across the United States with incredible Christmas celebrations involving lights, carols, etc. that are sure to charm even the least festive person.

Some of these towns you might have heard of, while some you might not even know that they exist. Either way, you can easily hop onto one of our affordable Private Jets for Rent and explore some of the destinations that come to life when the holiday season sets in. Here is a short list of five of some of the best towns to start you off.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus is a small town in Indiana that is rightfully named so, considering the level of commitment they put into celebrating the Christmas festivities each year. The town rose into popularity after a local postman started promoting the town based on its name in the 1920s. Soon afterwards, hundreds, then thousands of letters started streaming into the town, addressed to Santa Claus.

For the sake of keeping this Christmas spirit alive, the town started replying to the emails through ‘Santa’s volunteered elves’. Throughout the season, festival goers enjoy themed parades, the Candy Castle, and a magnificent 12-mile drive along the holiday light show called Santa’s Land of Lights.

Durango, Colorado

Durango is an old railroad town founded in the 1880s and tucked between red sandstone bluffs. Every night starting from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, kids in pajamas come aboard the Polar Express, a real train installed with a real steam engine for a ride of a lifetime.

Bring your whole family for this historic ride and also enjoy some hot chocolate, Christmas carols, or head to the ‘North Pole’ to pay Santa a visit. If you have read the award-winning book, The Polar Express, then this trip will be even more magical.

Bernville, Pennsylvania

For a family-oriented Christmas celebration, Bernville is one of the best destinations; filled with extravagant and fun-filled festivities right after Thanksgiving all the way to New Year’s Eve. First, enjoy the millions of light displays throughout the town while exploring the various shops and dioramas before paying Santa a visit.

Visitors can also enjoy numerous unique sceneries that have been designed to showcase Christmas from a different perspective. These include Christmas in Other lands, Christmas beneath the Seas, Christmas in the Jungle, etc.

Woodstock, Vermont

When Christmas time comes, Woodstock, a small town of 3,000 residents in Vermont goes back in time. Every year, the town celebrates the Wassail Weekend, a medieval tradition that goes on to date. The event is kick-started by an equestrian parade with over 50 riders on horses.

The Wassail Weekend also involves other events such as lighting a Yule-log, a craft-fair, and house-decorating using traditional wreaths.

New York, NY

In the list of towns that go crazy on Christmas, New York has to make the list. Go for ice skating in Central Park or head to see the Rockettes in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Another great way of experiencing Christmas in New York is by visiting the origami tree located at the American Museum of Natural History and the laser light show at the Grand Central Station.

5 U.S. Towns with Incredible Christmas Celebrations



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