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5 Awesome Places for Christmas Light Tours and Displays in North America

Have you ever wondered where Christmas Lights tradition stemmed from? Who thought of lighting up the night sky in beautiful sparkly lights during this season and why? Well, our Jet Charter Service has taken the liberty to find that out for you, and what we have found is that the practice of lighting up the night during this season began in pre-historic Northern Europe. The custom of the Yule Log, or the Christmas Log, which was a specially selected log that would be burned as a representation of hope; hope that the sun would once again shine after the darkness and cold of December. Amazing right? We think so.

Consider Renting a Private Jet and head on down to any one of these amazing places all across the USA for a spectacular experience of this century-old tradition.

New York City

Head over to the Rockefeller Centre, which is arguably the highlight of the New York Christmas scene. Some people would, however, dispute this and argue that the spirit of New York Christmas is found in Dyker Heights. No matter where you celebrate Christmas in New York, you are sure to witness extravagant, over the top Christmas Light displays like no other in the country.

Rhema Bible School, Oklahoma

Over 2 million lights adorn the Rhema Bible School every year during this festive season. Imagine that!! At the Rhema Bible School visitors will be allowed to walk through brightly illuminated tunnels with your companions and stroll through their Christmas tree forest, it’s an experience like no other. The Rhema Bible School attracts an average of 200,000 visitors annually.

Holiday Light Fantasia, Connecticut

Located in Hartford, Connecticut, the Holiday Light Fantasia is an annual event that features larger-than-life Light Displays representing both Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations. Head over to the Light Fantasia and drive casually through brightly lit animated displays in Goodwin Park.

Las Vegas Motor Speed Way, Nevada

Why don’t you turn up the excitement of the season by heading over to Motor Speedway in Las Vegas? The Motor Speedway is a 2.5-mile course that features over three 3 million lights and over 400 brightly lit animated displays. However, the event doesn’t take place on the actual racing track so don’t expect to put your pedal to the metal.

Keith Shaw’s Holiday Display, New Jersey

The Keith Shaw holiday display features over 120,000 lights that are synchronized to some of your favorite Christmas Carols. However, it’s the 36-foot tall mega-Christmas-tree that will mesmerize you. The mega tree boasts of having more lights on it than those on the famous Rockefeller center. The organizers offer families a VIP tour in the backstage where all the magic happens for a small fee of $100; you can even get to flip the switch yourself if you want. All proceeds from the donations go towards charity, so it’s totally worth it; make someone else’s Christmas a little better than it was.

5 Awesome Places for Christmas Light Tours and Displays in North America



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