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4 Easy Ways to Combat Jet Lag

Why do we have to experience jet lag? And how can we make our acclimation to new time-zones easier and help our bodies endure the effects of long-haul flights? Whether you are on a once in a lifetime vacation to the Caribbean or you are taking advantage of a bargain deal to Hawaii, jet lag can quickly turn your dream trip into a nightmare. At our Corporate Jet Rental service, we know all too well how adverse the effects of jet lag can be on the human body and we have, therefore, come up with some effective tips on how to combat jet lag on your next trip.

Get Enough Rest the Night Before

Long-haul flights are stressful and if you left your home tired, they have the capacity to be even more-so. Plan for your trip about two days before you are due to leave; assume you are leaving the next day in order to guarantee yourself ample rest before the actual journey. Planning for a long trip involves a lot of moving parts; there is the packing, hotel booking, car service arrangements etc., and you don’t want to be under pressure getting all that done the night before traveling. Planning ahead allows you both mental and physical relaxation; you will travel well-rested and 100 percent ready for all the stresses of the journey.

Fly First Class or Business

If you’re in a hurry and you need to hit the ground running in the morning, we recommend that you fly first-class or business so you can catch up on sleep before you land. The narrow leg-room provided in economy prompts your body to produce more adrenaline to keep fluids flowing through your body, which doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad thing, but that same adrenaline keeps you from falling asleep and even if you do doze off, it is not the kind of restorative sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed afterwards. However, the legroom accorded to business and first-class passengers allows you to stretch out in a flatter, more relaxed position, enabling your body to fall asleep, leaving you feeling rejuvenated after your flight.

Stay Hydrated

Another super-easy way to beat jet lag is to stay hydrated. Avoid the temptation of taking alcoholic beverages or anything caffeinated before or during your flight. These two types of drinks leave your body dehydrated, which will exaggerate the symptoms of jetlag and mess up your internal clock.

Consider Medication

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, you might want to consider the medical option. Try short-acting sleeping pills that will keep you asleep through most of your flight. You can also take them during the first few nights of your trip as your internal clock adjusts to the new time-zone. Note, however, that if you take the pills too late into your flight, you might get to your destination feeling more drowsy than relaxed; so take the pills right before you leave the house to have them kicking in as you board your flight and last you through the next few hours of flight-time.

4 Easy Ways to Combat Jet Lag



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