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How does the cost / price of a charter jet compare to first-class on commercial airlines?


Charter is typically more expensive on a per-seat basis than flying with commercial airlines. However, charter makes a lot of sense if you analyze it against the hidden costs of traveling commercially, particularly if you choose to decrease the per-person cost by filling every seat in the aircraft. For instance, when you travel by air charter you:

  • Eliminate the wasted time and stresses of long lines and avoid the crowds, cramped seating and inconsistent service you've come to expect from commercial airlines;
  • Save time by traveling closer to your ultimate destination, often eliminating the need for overnight stays;
  • Trim hours and even days off your travel time by increasing the number of cities you're able to visit in one day;
  • Enjoy productive time with your colleagues;
  • Feel secure in the confidentiality of your materials and discussions
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