Above All

King Air 350

Manufacturer:Beechcraft Model:King Air 350
Passengers (typical):9 Passengers (max):9
Pilots:2 Range:2182 nm
Cabin Length:19.6 ft. High Speed Cruise:279 MPH
Cabin Width:4.6 ft. Cabin Height:4.9 ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior:N/A cu ft. Baggage Capacity Exterior:67 cu ft.
Max Takeoff Weight:15,000 lbs Service Ceiling:35,000 ft.
Landing Distance:4,140 ft. Number Built:917
Year Started:2009 Year Ended:N/A
The 350 was streached nearly 3 feet from the 300 which added two extra windows on each side. MTOW was increased to 1500lb. Avionics, wing tips and redesigned cowlings were added to the base 300. An extended range version is also avaliable.