Above All

Gulfstream G280

Manufacturer:Gulfstream Model:G280
Passengers (typical):8 Passengers (max):8
Pilots:2 Range:3387 nm
Cabin Length:32.5 ft. High Speed Cruise:482 MPH
Cabin Width:7.2 ft. Cabin Height:6.3 ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior:25 cu ft. Baggage Capacity Exterior:125 cu ft.
Max Takeoff Weight:39,600 lbs Service Ceiling:41,000 ft.
Landing Distance:5,083 ft. Number Built:N/A
Year Started:2012 Year Ended:N/A
Scheduled to be in service in late 2012 the G280 is formally known as the G250. The G280 boasts the longest range at fastest cruise speed in the super mid-size business jet category. A new high-speed wing and Honeywell HTF7250G engines provide the platform for this superb performance. With excellent field performance, the G280 has the ability to obtain access into some of the most difficult airports.With the most spacious cabin in its class, the G280 cabin can provide seating for up to ten passengers in two seating areas. The large galley and in-flight access to baggage provides the best accommodations for passengers. The 100 percent fresh air, low cabin altitude, quiet cabin and large windows reduce fatigue and promote a comfortable cabin environment. The G280 introduces the PlaneView280™ cockpit which brings the PlaneView® philosophy from the G350® to the G650® into the super mid-size market. This advanced flight deck improves safety through reduced pilot workload and improved situational awareness. Safety during low visibility operations can be further improved with the optional HUD II heads-up guidance systems and Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS II). The introduction of auto-braking is an industry first in this market, to enhance safety, improve passenger comfort and reduce brake wear. The G280™, boasts superiority in all areas of the super mid-size business jet market. It encompasses outstanding performance, comfort and advanced technology to bring together this best-in-class aircraft.