Above All

Falcon 50EX

Manufacturer:Dassault Model:Falcon 50EX
Passengers (typical):9 Passengers (max):9
Pilots:2 Range:3223 nm
Cabin Length:24 ft. High Speed Cruise:480 MPH
Cabin Width:6.1 ft. Cabin Height:5.9 ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior:25 cu ft. Baggage Capacity Exterior:90 cu ft.
Max Takeoff Weight:39,700 lbs Service Ceiling:41,900 ft.
Landing Distance:3,500 ft. Number Built:100
Year Started:1997 Year Ended:2007
The Falcon 50EX was a replacement for the 50 which first flew in 1996 and the last plane was delivered in 2008. Sucessors to the Falcon 50 are the Falcon 7X and the Falcon 900 featuring a larger fuselage and the same three-engine arrangement.