Above All

Citation III / VI / VII

Manufacturer:Cessna Model:Citation III / VI / VII
Passengers (typical):7 Passengers (max):8
Pilots:2 Range:2301 nm
Cabin Length:18.4 ft. High Speed Cruise:491 MPH
Cabin Width:5.5 ft. Cabin Height:5.7 ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior:N/A cu ft. Baggage Capacity Exterior:61 cu ft.
Max Takeoff Weight:23,000 lbs Service Ceiling:43,000 ft.
Landing Distance:4,500 ft. Number Built:157
Year Started:1991 Year Ended:2000
The Cessna Citation III was the first of the Model 650 series of Citation jets and 202 were built from 1983 thur 1992. The III was followed by the VI intended to be an economy version to the III but only 39 were built thru 1995. The Citation VII came out in 1992 intending to take a big step up in performance with improved speeds and altitudes over the Lear 45/60 lines, when the program ended in 2000 113 had been built.