Above All

Citation Ultra

Manufacturer:Cessna Model:Citation Ultra
Passengers (typical):7 Passengers (max):7
Pilots:2 Range:1259 nm
Cabin Length:17.4 ft. High Speed Cruise:400 MPH
Cabin Width:4.8 ft. Cabin Height:4.8 ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior:26 cu ft. Baggage Capacity Exterior:41 cu ft.
Max Takeoff Weight:16,300 lbs Service Ceiling:45,000 ft.
Landing Distance:3,833 ft. Number Built:279
Year Started:1994 Year Ended:1999
In 1993 Cessna updated the Citation V design and renamed the aircraftt the Citation Ultra with the main difference being the engines and avionics. Produced until 1999 the Ultra then became the Citation Encore/ Encore+. From 1987 to 1998 there were 602 Citation V, Ultra, and Encore's manfactured.