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Hawker 1000

Manufacturer:Raytheon Model:Hawker 1000
Passengers (typical):15 Passengers (max):15
Pilots:2 Range:2970 nm
Cabin Length:24.4 ft. High Speed Cruise:470 MPH
Cabin Width:6 ft. Cabin Height:5.8 ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior:50 cu ft. Baggage Capacity Exterior:N/A cu ft.
Max Takeoff Weight:31,100 lbs Service Ceiling:39,000 ft.
Landing Distance:3,917 ft. Number Built:52
Year Started:1990 Year Ended:1996
As is the case with the BAe-125-800, the BAe-125-1000 became the Hawker 1000 from mid 1993 when Raytheon purchased British Aerospace's Corporate Jets division. However, the 1000 never enjoyed the popularity of the 800 and production ceased in 1997 with the delivery of the 52nd aircraft. The Hawker 1000 was based on the smaller Hawker 800, and until 1997 the two types were in production side by side in the famous British Aerospace de Havilland plant in Hatfield. The 1000 differs from the 800 in a number of respects however and features a stretched fuselage. The 1000 is identifiable via its seven main cabin windows per side, whereas the 800 has six, and the 2.9ft 9in stretch (achieved by small fuselage plugs in front of and behind the wing) allowing an increase in max seating to 15. However as it is optimised for long range intercontinental work, the typical Hawker 1000 configuration seats one less than the smaller Hawker 800.