Above All

Challenger 601

Manufacturer:Bombardier Model:Challenger 601
Passengers (typical):9 Passengers (max):9
Pilots:2 Range:4131 nm
Cabin Length:28.3 ft. High Speed Cruise:459 MPH
Cabin Width:8.2 ft. Cabin Height:6.1 ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior:N/A cu ft. Baggage Capacity Exterior:115 cu ft.
Max Takeoff Weight:45,100 lbs Service Ceiling:38,400 ft.
Landing Distance:4,500 ft. Number Built:195
Year Started:1987 Year Ended:1996
CL-601-1A is a refined version including winglets to reduce drag and more powerful General Electric CF-34 engines. (66 built), The CL-601-1A/ER: 601-1A retrofitted with an additional fuel tank in the tail. The CL-601-3A upgrade an engine with a higher flat rating and a glass cockpit. This was the first version marketed by Bombardier. CL-601-3A/ER: 601-3A with an additional, optional fuel tank in the tail and with the CL-601-3R: the tail tank was made standard, and airline style "unsided" engines (no left or right) were used, matching what was used on the CRJ.